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Syria: the strangest war

– Western military support for jihadist fighters in Syria could result in hundreds of thousands more deaths –     The Syrian government and its forces, led by Bashar al-Assad, has been winning the war that has raged in the country since 2011. Helped greatly in recent years by Russia, and by others, including the … Continue reading

Serena Williams: doctors to blame for black women’s deaths

— Tennis star’s reckless accusation of lethal lack of care goes unchallenged in the media —   Serena Williams is the greatest ever tennis player. Roger Federer comes close, but he’s not quite the best. I’ve admired Williams for a long time. Her tennis is exceptional, her career astonishing. But her achievements and fame place … Continue reading

BBC videos: sentimentalising the news

  — BBC News videos are often no more than sentimental manipulation of its audience —   In idle moments I sometimes make the mistake of watching short videos on the BBC News website. You know the sort. They’re usually only a minute or so long, but can occasionally be up to ten. They can … Continue reading

Manufacturing offence

  — The Dove advert controversy: how to ignore reality and fake racism for your own benefit —   This week one of the world’s largest corporations, whose existence depends on pleasing millions of customers, brazenly released an advertisement showing it believes black people are inferior to white people. Despite their marketing team being the … Continue reading

How to damage public health and the environment while feeling virtuous

— New e-cigarette law discourages smokers to quit and harms the environment —   In less than a month’s time, a law will come into effect which reduces public health and further damages the environment. It was passed by people who say they believe in promoting better public health and in protecting the environment. Yet … Continue reading

The free society and its enemies

— Electronic cigarettes, dogma and political irrationality — It is now exactly one year since I had a cigarette, yet I’m still addicted to nicotine and use it daily. Last year, in the midst of a bout of flu I switched to what are known as electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes. Most of them look nothing … Continue reading

The other Stuart Hall

— A personal tribute to the influential cultural theorist and sociologist — Stuart Hall has died. No, not that one. I thought the same too, yesterday, for a split-second after reading the headline. No, I mean a far less well-known Stuart Hall than the former TV presenter and now infamous criminal, who is locked-up somewhere … Continue reading

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