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The only man on Earth

— The strange world of Alfred Wainwright — A few days ago I watched a BBC documentary called Wainwright: The Man Who Loved the Lakes. For some reason – perhaps it was my mood that day – it seemed a much better programme than when I first saw it a few years ago. It moved … Continue reading

The free society and its enemies

— Electronic cigarettes, dogma and political irrationality — It is now exactly one year since I had a cigarette, yet I’m still addicted to nicotine and use it daily. Last year, in the midst of a bout of flu I switched to what are known as electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes. Most of them look nothing … Continue reading

The other Stuart Hall

— A personal tribute to the influential cultural theorist and sociologist — Stuart Hall has died. No, not that one. I thought the same too, yesterday, for a split-second after reading the headline. No, I mean a far less well-known Stuart Hall than the former TV presenter and now infamous criminal, who is locked-up somewhere … Continue reading

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