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In brief: Thanks for the hack

14 March 2013:  — Thanks for the hack —

I’m unexpectedly but happily back on wordpress.com after flirting with the heady life of having a self-hosted website and my own domain name, courtesy of wordpress.org and Dataflame. It lasted about six months. Trying to log in recently to the self-hosted site I found, not my blog and other stuff, but a brief message, apparently from Brazil, baldly stating that I’d been hacked. Hmmm. Bit of a shock. Especially because my password was very long, very strong, and very complicated. Good job I’d backed up my posts. So I’ve migrated everything back here. For good.

But it was time for a change anyway. I had come to realise that simpler is better, when it comes to blog design, and the customised theme I was using on wordpress.org site had lost it’s focus and was trying to do too much. Luckily, around about the time of the hack, I’d come across this theme, which I love. I’ve also reached an age when the pleasures of web design too quickly pass over into frustration when things take too long, like when you’re wrestling with width of divs in CSS, etc. Who wants that, when there are a hundred better things to do and only so much time to do them in? Although slightly more limited, wordpress.com is the place for me. Not least because I won’t have to spend hours securing my site against the boys from Brazil. And it really would take weeks, for me anyway. But now, automatically, wordpress.com will do that for me.

It’s good to be back.



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