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Long live Uncle Monty

Sad news last week, with the death of Richard Griffiths, British stage and screen actor, famous for Harry Potter, The History Boys and, of course, the absolute timeless classic, Withnail and I. Loved by most former Arts students (and that’s a lot of people since the film appeared in 1986), I must have seen it … Continue reading

Belgian for beginners

… or, The genius of Michel Thomas. Success in a foreign language has always seemed beyond me, but now I might have found the answer. French, German, Russian, Spanish, Greek, Scottish, Chimp. These are the languages which, with unswerving ambition and no little prudence, I started to learn at irregular intervals, between the ages of … Continue reading

In brief: Thanks for the hack

14 March 2013:  — Thanks for the hack — I’m unexpectedly but happily back on wordpress.com after flirting with the heady life of having a self-hosted website and my own domain name, courtesy of wordpress.org and Dataflame. It lasted about six months. Trying to log in recently to the self-hosted site I found, not my … Continue reading

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