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US Open quarter-finals impress

Murray shows grit to go through, Roddick is no more and Federer stumbles before Berdych.

The US Open quarter finals didn’t fail to impress.

It is no longer shocking to hear of Roger going out. I will sing his praises forever. But, despite returning to being number one, which is an incredible achievement, he’s not quite the player he was, which is no real criticism. Berdych, who I saw beat an irate Fabrice Santoro when I visited Wimbledon in 2006, has now beaten Federer five times, four of them being since the start of 2010 (to Federer’s three victories). He has, however, lost a total of eleven matches against the Swiss maestro. Okay, no more stats, I promise.

Roddick I will say no more about, to avoid labouring the point.

It must be hard for Cilic, who has yet to fulfil the potential predicted of him. At least he’s fairing better than retired fellow-country man, Mario Ancic, although admittedly Ancic was felled by serious illness. Sad story that.

I still tip Andy as the new champion, but I would, wouldn’t I – I’m British. But it’s more than that. Even during the lead up to his Olympic gold last month, his play showed a whole new level of maturity. He was great before London 2012 – who could claim otherwise, he’s been in the top four for as long as I can remember – but his game, persistence and self-belief seemed to go off the scale in August. He made Federer look not much better than average in the Olympic final. And this was a relaxed Andy, loving simply playing. If a bit of luck is also on his side, David Ferrer could be a cinch, as I think the Spaniard will make the final. Just. I’ll be glad. Such a great mover on court. He deserves more in his career. But not being champ this time round. That’s for Andy.

Of course, knowing me, all these careful predictions will be blown out of the water over the next day or two…


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