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Pretty obvious: management and self-help books never surprise

What have management and self-help books ever done for us? For some, there is something indefinably tantalising about the confident, tanned, smiling face of the management guru staring out from the book’s cover as you pass it in the bookshop or library; all gleaming teeth and pristine collar, he is frozen in time, with perhaps … Continue reading

Andy Murray: the new reality

US Open (a final word) All credit to Neil Armstrong and pals, but Murray’s win – at least for British tennis fans – feels better than Man’s first walk on the moon. The world feels a different place. With Andy Murray’s victory the landscape of tennis in the modern era has fundmentally changed. It doesn’t … Continue reading

Moment of victory: to slump or not to slump

US Open Forget everything else, what a tennis player does at the moment of victory is often how they’ll be remembered Amid the gusts and the grunts, our man Andy has come through brilliantly, reaching his fifth slam final, his second this year. Now all he needs to do is win it. I say fifth … Continue reading

US Open quarter-finals impress

Murray shows grit to go through, Roddick is no more and Federer stumbles before Berdych. The US Open quarter finals didn’t fail to impress. It is no longer shocking to hear of Roger going out. I will sing his praises forever. But, despite returning to being number one, which is an incredible achievement, he’s not quite … Continue reading

Please do not read in the library

The beautiful reading room at my library has long gone but no one knows why. Ten years ago I used to visit the dignified and impressive Mitchell Library in Glasgow, to research and read. Long, solid tables, all facing the same way, graced the large reading room. I say room; it was more a hall. … Continue reading

Nice one, Andy (Roddick)

>> Update September 5,  2012: Roddick loses in the fourth round to former champion Del Potro 6-7, 7-6, 6-2, 6-4,  after a good run at the US Open. Good luck for the future, Andy. US Open As Roddick’s career comes to a close, he should not be judged only on his one Slam title Imagine… … Continue reading

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