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Dogs. Biscuits. (My first ever blog post)

So finally I’ve done it. Taken the first step and got myself a blog.

I feel like a shrimp, lost in an immense sea of blogs and websites. I mean, people are doing stuff in this blogosphere. Or so it seems. A lot of stuff. Designing, writing, photographing, posting, commenting, liking, unliking, reblogging, trolling. And, if Tumblr is anything to go by, parading themselves in the coolest and er – let me say it – narcissistic way possible, as some would have it.

Because, before getting this WordPress blog, I took a look at a few other platforms, including Tumblr. Have you seen some of the themes on Tumblr and the photos used to showcase them? You’d think the whole world was populated by the under-25s, dressed in the cutest, most expensive and skinniest gear ever made available to mankind. The colours, the textures, the legs and the stubble. It all looks infuriatingly good, is all I can say. And excrutiatingly vain. That is how it strikes me. Even the dogs in the photos seem to have used hair wax. Or is it hair fudge these days? Fur fudge.

Photo of dog in clothes

Despite baring its midriff this dog stands no chance on Tumblr

It’s not going to get easier for me any time soon: I don’t have a Twitter account and I gave up on Facebook last year. So links to this blog and recommendations are going to be hard. But I got tired of reading on Facebook about what friends had eaten on a damp afternoon in March; a digestive? Oh, really? Two? You devil! With chocolate? Who’d have thought it?… Eventually I posted a comment saying I’d become so boring I’d joined the Biscuit Appreciation Society. Nobody ‘got it’, despite me having been as subtle as a full box of Hob Nobs being slammed down on a table from a great height. “What sort of biscuit do you appreciate, Dave?” “Lemon Puffs.” “Oh, I remember them…”  “Do you?” And so on.

While we’re on the subject, do you like biscuits? Seriously. And – bear with me – guinea pigs too? Both of them? Great. This is just for you.

Add to all this the fact that my Search Engine Optimisation skills amount to merely wishing my blog was near the top of Google searches, then perhaps I’m wasting my time here too. But I’m enjoying it already.

I hope you do too.

PS I will rarely use the phrase ‘in my opinion’ anywhere on this blog. You know it’s my opinion. So, sit down, dig out your Boasters and let’s get on with this…


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